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Do Yourself a Favor...

Generally speaking: One thing I could never really wrap my head around was the fact that you can go into an on the job annual performance review, and someone who has never been around you or who has never watched you work can tell you what you have earned or what they believe you are worth. Stop taking what is given, when what is given does not amount to the long hours you’ve put in serving others, working outside of your job description to ensure that everything flows, apologizing for other’s mishaps to make the company look good, going above and beyond because it’s in your heart to do so, learning and attending countless hours of continuing education to ensure that you stay up to date with practice policies, using your personal funds for employment expenses that your employer is unwilling to pay, traveling long commutes FOR work and not being acknowledged for your efforts, working extra or overtime and not being compensated fairly and the list goes on and on.

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