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Hello everyone,

I am the proud owner of Dominique Spigner, LLC ®, Therapy and Consultation Services in the NE Texas area. My office is located at 106 Morgan Street, Suite B., Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455. I am accepting new mental health therapy clients in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Be sure to book your therapy appointment today.


I utilize various therapeutic approaches to offer psychotherapy services to teens, adults, families, and couples. I have over eleven years of behavioral health experience. My areas of expertise include but are not limited to Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Stress Disorders and Trauma.


Patients can be referred by the physician and can also self-refer. I am contracted with multiple insurance and EAP plans as an in-network provider. I always welcome self-pay clients and can provide monthly billing statements to submit for reimbursement. For clients paying for their service out-of-pocket, I accept credit and debit cards payments only. Our office does not accept checks or money orders.


If you have any questions about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me via telephone at (430) 219-0676 or email at For more information, please view my Psychology Today Profile: 


I hope that Dominique Spigner, LLC ®, Therapy and Consultation Services will prove to be a valuable resource to your patients and yourself. 




Dr. Dominique Spigner, DSW, LCSW-S, LICSW, NSW-C, ADHD-CCSP, EMDR-C



Dr. Dominique Spigner | CEO & Mental Health Therapist

Physical Address:106 Morgan Street, Suite B., Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455

Mailing Address: PO Box 1756, Mount Pleasant, Texas 75456-1756

T: (430) 219-0676

F: (877) 415-3699


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